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National Executive, group photo 
in Moncton 2013

Kevin Grabowsky - National President 

 Tatiana Clarke - National Vice-president 
I started as a Correctional Officer in 2006 at Matsqui Institution. After pestering my local president to become a shop steward, I became local grievance coordinator August 2008. In January 2009 I was nominated as interim Regional Grievance Coordinator, was elected by the committee in February 2009 and held the position until stepping down in May 2012. In 2010, I was elected to Regional Secretary-Treasurer and in 2013 I was elected as National Vice-President.

Why I got involved in the union:

Like many Canadians, I grew up in a pro-union family. I was raised by my father who is a teacher. I remember standing in the rain with him and his colleagues on picket lines. I thought how unfair it was to have to do this just so they could have the right to negotiate a fair deal.

After I became a Correctional Officer, I quickly realized that nothing we got was for free; that as a public servants that are considered as an essential service we had very few rights. I decided I better get active in the union and become part of the solution. It isn't easy, but we are Correctional Officers as such we are hard workers, that fight to the finish.

Tatiana Clarke


Jason Godin - Second National Vice-president


I started as a Correctional Officer in 1992 with Ontario Provincial Correctionsat Quinte Detention Centre; then moved over to the CSC working at Kingstonpen from1993 -1998

While at Kingston I was a local shop Stewart and local Vice-President from1997-1998, with USGE (the CO union at the time). From1998 until 2004 I worked at Millhaven institution before regional presidents were working full time.

Was a founding member of UCCO-SACC-CSN in 1999 and was elected as the first Ontario Regional President in 2001, UCCO-SACC-CSN, re-elected in 2004, 2007, 2010 and elected as National Vice-President in 2013

Current Committees:

  • National Joint Scheduling Committee, NJSC

  • Detector Dog Handler Committee

  • National Safety & Security Committee, NSSC

  • National Health & Safety Committee, NHSPC

  • National Joint Council Committee

Why I got involved in the Union;

I got involved in the Union because of the very poor working conditions at Kingston Penitentiary. I was interested in trying to help resolve the many health & safety issues faced by my colleagues and I at that time.

Jason Godin
National Vice-president

 Doug White - Regional president - Atlantic

I Started as a Correctional Officer November 24th, 1986 and was a CO I  for about twelve years and then became a CO II to the present.

Union experience / positions held

I have been a shop steward, Vice President, President, Regional Vice President and currently Atlantic Regional President.

Past committees:

I have been on the Commissioner's Directive  004 committee.

In my previous term I was also the representative for the Employee Assistance Plan committee.

Current committees

I am our representative on the rostering committee

Why you became involved in the Union?

I got involved in the Union because of issues with how we were managed and it was a way to voice my concerns. I a decision to stay involved with the Union for the rest of my career and have been happy with that decision.

Although there have been some very frustrating days, I am happy to be the Regional President for Atlantic Canada. This is my second term and believe it will be my last.


Éric Thibault - Regional President - Québec


I began my career as a correctional officer in February 2001 at the Regional Reception Centre / Special Handling Unit in the Quebec region.

When I started, I quickly had a desire to want to improve things, whether it involved procedures, uniforms or safety equipment. I repeatedly denounced some inadequate ways of doing things that management requested at the time. My involvement with the union has always been to help people gain respect from the employer.

In December 2004, I became a local health and safety delegate and was elected president of my local in May 2006. Many important changes took place at RRC / SHU during that time.

I became the Quebec Regional President in May 2013. Change has been non-stop since then. The Conservative government drives us to surpass ourselves. The work, determination and solidarity of each of our members encourage me to continue.
My attachment to and my pride for UCCO-SACC-CSN only grows with each passing year.   

Thank you,

Éric Thibault
Quebec Regional President

Robert Finucan - Regional president - Ontario

James Bloomfield - Regional president - Prairies 


I started as a Correctional officer in February of 2000 at Stony Mountain institution and went acting as a CO II in 2001; becoming substantive in 2003.

I first got involved in the union in 2002 as the local treasurer and held that position until my parental leave in July 2007.

I became a member of the institutional Emergency Response team in 2006 and was active until I resigned the team to take on the role of Prairies Regional President.

I then ran for local president of Stony Mountain Institution in 2009 and held that position until I took over the Prairies regional president position by acclimation in May of 2013.

The national committee that I am involved with is the national training committee / Emergency Response Team committee.

I first got involved in the union to help fellow officers and be a voice for those that needed it.  As most involved, I have it in my blood. I have a family history in unions and have been a supporter of unions and the union efforts since my grandfather told me to never cross a picket line when I was a young child. I grew to understand what the reasoning was and why supporting unions is not only good for individuals and working conditions, but why unions are good for this country. 

As I grew older and developed opinions on most everything I realized my mouth was not going to be a silent one.  As these opinions moved into CSC policy and operations it was clear to me that I could just stand by and complain about issues, or be part of the solution.

I decided to join the local executive with the attitude that I am on equal ground with everyone from the warden to the rookie that walked in the door yesterday. I was not going to be silent as I needed to ensure that our voice was heard and that our issues as COs were being dealt with. 

As I have grown as a union member my voice has been refined by experience to be more effective. But as all who know me will tell you the refined words come with a blunt honesty and express the true reality of each situation.

I am a proud union member and will continue to be the voice for my fellow officers in each forum I can promoting the union and the well being of professional correctional officers.

James Bloomfield
Regional president - Prairies 
Gord Robertson   

Regional President - Pacific

Dear Members,

I am often asked why I have chosen to involve myself in the union to the extent that I have. It is because I have always felt that it is imperative for Correctional Officers to have a strong and independent voice. UCCO-SACC-CSN is a voice that is united by our common job, our common frustrations in our work environment and our common goal to be respected by our employer. I believe in our union and I want to work hard to make it powerful and successful.

I have been involved in the union since early on in my career. I began working at RHC (now Pacific Institution) in April 1996. As soon as my probationary period was over, I wanted to involve myself as a Shop Steward.

The first year I sat back and I learned from others about the importance of solidarity in Corrections and I also began to see, that as Correctional Officers, we were not being respected by either the management in the institution or by the union above the local level. I continued to work hard for the local but was excited by being given the chance to be our own union.

I attended the founding convention of UCCO-SACC-CSN as an observer, paying my way there with airmiles and bunking up with an official delegate. It was an amazing experience to meet Correctional Officers from across the country and realize we are all so alike. At the time that UCCO-SACC-CSN was accredited as our Union I was working primarily with Health and Safety issues, but also tried to help with as much as I could. I became President of my local in November 2001, the Regional Vice President from February 2004 to 2007, and I have been the Regional President since May 2007.

We will continue to deal with issues on a grand scale, but we need the help of you, the members. You are the Union. I encourage you all to get involved at your local, participate in local and regional events and support our goal to be respected by an uncaring employer. I look forward to working with you and for you in the future.

Gord Robertson
Pacific Region




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