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INFORMATION UPDATE - Respect the commitment: make the change
2008 July 01
The National Executive is pleased with this spring’s Hard Time campaign and the intensive lobbying of influential federal politicians that has been the focus of UCCO-SACC-CSN’s third visibility campaign since 2004. So far, members of the National Executive have met with 22 MPs and one Senator, including two party leaders, three cabinet ministers and the Speaker of the House of Commons.
Information Update - Spring campaign wins widespread support
2008 June 19
With another three meetings with Conservative MPs June 12, the union has kept the pension issue on the government agenda before Parliament breaks for summer. And, as during past MP briefings, we continued to win support from the Tory caucus for our request that the party fulfill its commitment to increase the pension accrual rate for correctional officers.
Information Update - Pension pursuit continues on Parliament Hill
2008 May 09
UCCO-SACC-CSN’s pension campaign continued May 9 with several productive meetings on Parliament Hill. Ontario Regional President Jason Godin and Joyceville local President Philis Vivarais met with Conservative MPs Gary Goodyear (Cambridge) and Scott Reid (Lennox and Addington), and with Liberal Senator Romeo Dallaire.
A big push for a better pension - ‘H-T 3’ kicks off with hard lobbying in Ottawa
2008 April 27
The national executive of UCCO-SACC-CSN kicked off phase 3 of the union’s We Are Also Doing Hard Time campaign April 14 with a very successful series of meetings with cabinet ministers, party leaders and influential MPs on Parliament Hill. Armed with the latest issue of our We Are Also Doing Hard Time magazine, titled “We risk our lives to protect yours,” members of the national executive, as well as Michel Gauthier and Lyle Stewart of the CSN, were warmly welcomed by many of the most powerful members of the government and opposition parties represented in the House of Commons.
Press release - Correctional officers press the Conservative government to fulfill a campaign commitment
2008 April 14
(Ottawa—April 14, 2008) On behalf of Canada’s public safety workers, 6,000 federal correctional officers are pushing the Conservative government to honour its commitment and negotiate a pension income that reflects the sacrifice they make to protect the safety of the Canadian public.
Pension Surplus Update
2008 January 29
Following the January 23 meeting of the 18 bargaining agents, employees’ and retirees’ associations (ref. to note) with legal counsel, a unanimous decision was taken to pursue this case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.
Federal Pension Trial Update - Unions lose legal challenge on pension surplus
2007 November 15
The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has dismissed the legal challenge by unions representing 300,000 current or former federal employees to the federal government’s confiscation of a $30.2 billion surplus in the public service pension fund.
Additional information on the 1.25 %
2007 November 01
Further to the memo from the Assistant Human Resources Commissioner dated October 29, 2007, here are a few additional details. The employees who are entitled to the reimbursement of the 1.25% in excess contributions made to the pension plan are those employees who have contributed to it, in other words, all those employees who were entitled to exercise the right to retire after 25 years of operational service, once they were 50 years old and this, without any actuarial penalty.
New June 20th 2007 Payment of the lump sum
2007 June 20
At our meeting at the beginning of May 2007 with representatives from the Treasury Board and the Prime Minister’s Office, in connection with our discussions on modifications to our pension plan, we had proposed extending the period that gave officers who retire after 25 years of operational service the right to the $8,000 lump sum payment. The Union asked that the period be extended, because some of our members did not retire between June 1, 2006 and May 31, 2007, because the modifications to the pension plan regulations had not been ratified by the Treasury Board. We have just received an answer to our request: the Treasury Board has accepted to extend the period giving said officers the right to the $8,000 lump sum payment up till August 15, 2007. The Union has signed an agreement to that effect.

Once again, our patience has paid off for UCCO-SACC-CSN and its members.
Information Update - Making the case one MP at a time
2007 May 29
The union’s Hard Time 3 campaign continues to target key Parliamentarians and their top staffers in our drive to obtain a decent pension income for correctional officers. Since our last report, UCCO-SACC-CSN has had a number of meetings in Ottawa, beginning May 27 with Terence Scheltema, Senior Policy Advisor to the Honourable Gordon O’Connor, Minister of Revenue.
The special contribution of 1.25 %
2007 May 17
On May 18, Ms. Cheryl Fraser, Assistant Commissioner of Correctional Service Canada, informed us that the federal cabinet and the Treasury Board of Canada had passed an Order-in-Council amending the pension regime of federal correctional officers.

More information will follow in the coming days.
Good News
2007 May 17
We have finally received written confirmation that the amendments to the correctional officers’ pension plan regulations were approved on May 17, 2007. The above-mentioned written confirmation regarding the approval of these amendments came to us directly from the Prime Minister’s Office.
Federal Pension Trial - Information Update
2007 May 01
Trial ends: verdict expected in 6 months Final arguments began in the pension surplus case on May 1, 2007. They were originally expected to last from one to two weeks. However, they were finished in no more than three days. Now that the court proceedings are over, Justice Antoine de Lotbinière Panet will look through information from 18 days of trial that have involved 10 witnesses and close to 60 exhibits.
Pension trial bulletin no. 3: Pension surplus balloon $42 billion: expert witness
2007 April 01
A former government auditor testified in Court that the surplus in the public service, RCMP and Canadian Forces pension accounts have now increased to $42.7 billion.


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