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Mobilization - What have we been doing?

Mobilization – What have we been doing?

Mobilization. When most members hear this word, theythink contract negotiations, demonstrations, or early morning information linesin the dead of winter. Mobilization is one of the major elements of thestrength of the Union and its key to success is the participation and supportof our members. Butwhat most members don’t realize is that mobilization never stops. We’ve beendoing it all over the country quite frequently, either in the form of BBQ’s forour members, or through our charitable activities in the community. Our membersthroughout the region, and across the country have been quite active engagingour members in various events, and assisting numerous non-profit groups througheither our work with the Child Find organization and our fingerprintingclinics, or in the case of our members in Prince Albert and in Quebec region,through their work with the Canadian Blood Services and their blood drivechallenges.

Currently your union is engaged in negotiationswith the employer over a renewal of our collective agreement, and our globalagreement with CSC. Despite what appeared to be a modest package designed bythe membership in this time of economic recession and private sector job loss,the federal government still has yet to issue a mandate to its negotiators todeal with UCCO-SACC-CSN. Considering this government, when they came intopower, promptly worked to resolve our 49 month battle with the Liberals andTreasury Board in 2006, they currently lack any desire to seek any immediateresolution. Instead, they chose to insult the membership of UCCO-SACC-CSN andopen negotiations with other public service unions who were not yet due tostart negotiations until summer 2011. Combine this slap in the face with thelegislated clawback to 1.5% as a result of the Federal Expenditure RestraintAct, our members support is needed now more than ever to show the employer howpersistent and strong we can be. We need to continue with our charitableinvolvements in the community as well, to show the Canadian public that weremain committed to them and our communities despite the treatment of our employer.

In the coming months, your Union will be requestingyour participation in various actions that will target the employer at alllevels. Some may question, “why we should do anything locally when theproblem is Ottawa?”. Theanswer is simple: during this time – the employer consists of our Wardens, RHQ,NHQ and federal politicians. They are all one in the same. The impact of yoursolidarity when a nationwide campaign is implemented, is felt at the table whenour negotiating team is meeting with the employer’s negotiators. We need to allmarch together, and stand together – at the same time. In the ten years as aunion, we’ve overcome many obstacles and achieved things some said we’d neverachieve. This was done through the continued support of our membership, andthat support is needed now as well. When asked by your local executive tosupport upcoming job actions, please trust that your Union would not askanything of you that would put our members at risk of disciplinary action.Trust in your Union, and support your Union, who are working to secure a betterof quality of life for all of us.

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