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March 2009 RLMC

The Regional Labour Management Committee was held March 27, 2009 at Regional Headquarters in Saskatoon, and it was attended by the Regional Executive. The employer opened by announcing management changes in the region and changes to the overtime monitoring process at RHQ and NHQ.

Overtime management was going to be a concern for CSC and the A/RDC expressed concern about the effects that the new funding pressures would have on CSC staff. The Union continues in its position that overtime pressures should not impact the health and safety of our staff inside theinstitutions. In our opening, we voiced our opposition over the wearing of our uniformby retired trainers that have been contracted into positions at the Staff College. We demanded that we want them out of our uniform as they are no longer CorrectionalOfficers, and the A/RDC has since issued direction accordingly.


We have been hearing rumors about the closure of the duty office at Grierson Center. A proposal has been submitted to the EXCOM for one national call-in center.

We remain opposed to this decision and will be remaining involved in this file as this
decision affects not only the careers of our members at the RDO but will also impact the quality that service agencies and institutions receive should the CSC proceed with the closure of this office.


The Union was quite vocal in its opposition to the role played by various regional “advisors” with regards to scheduling and their interference in the process between the local and national committees. Problem sites that we referred to were Edmonton Institution, Grande Cache and Stony Mountain institution, where there was either interference in the process as set out in Appendix K of our collective agreement, or misinformation given to our members by the management side of the Institutional Joint Scheduling Committee. We made note of the Health and Safety issues present at OOHL, Willow Cree and Pe’Sakastew with regards to the lack of staff available on the midnight shift in case of fire  response. As these institutions are responsible for fire suppression and evacuation,  they lack the appropriate resources on the midnight shift to meet the minimum standards of responders set out in CSC’s Fire Safety Manual. This is being reviewed nationally as well and the A/RDC committed to following up.


The employer believes this is a problem that concerns Stony Mountain alone; however with the CSC believing that emergency lighting on our escort vehicles is unnecessary, this issues affect all sites. The employer wants to pursue Memoranda of Understanding [MOUs] between ambulance services and thevarious institutions. Currently, tentative agreements are in place at GCI and SMI, with more pending.


Some items remain ongoing as a result of the meetings held between the Unions and the staff at the Edmonton office for Compensation and Benefits. The Union has insisted that the target date of the 20th of each month for the payment of overtime be respected. NHQ has recently confirmed that overtime will be paid by the 20th of each month. Discussions on this continue at the national level.


UCCO-SACC-CSN remains adamantly opposed to this program. This issue has already been fought and won when it was removed at RPC due to health and safety concerns and security issues. The union was initially told at the February RLMC that this program would not be happening; however at this RLMC, the employer now states that it is in effect, but only one phase which involves only bringing the animals in to teach inmates how to care for the animals. We remain opposed to this and will be following this file as it progresses.

With Solidarity, Pride and Dignity

- Your Regional UCCO-SACC-CSN Regional Executive

March 2009 RLMC

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