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The Local Executive has the responsibility to develop and organize an active membership in their Local.

This is achieved by providing their membership with the services offered by the Union, solving problems that arise between the employee and the employer at the worksite, organizing the Local in Union campaigns and issues and promoting member education and involvement in Union activities. LOCAL OFFICERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: usually the number of members in the Local determines the number of Local Executive Officers. A typical Executive includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Grievance Coordinator and Shop Stewards (one Steward for every 25 members).

The Main Duties of:

The President

    * Chairing Executive meetings and general meetings.
    * Acting as official representative for the Local.
    * Ensuring that the Local runs smoothly.
    * Attending the regional executive meetings.
    * Attending meetings with the Local employer.
    * Transmitting information obtained in the regional executive meetings to the members of the Local.
    * Periodically transmitting information to members when meeting them in the workplace.
    * Staying abreast of the Local union’s internal affairs.
    * Ex-officio on all Local committees.
    * Being responsible for representing the Local in all regional meetings.
    * Convening meetings of the Local.
    * Being a delegate at the General National Assembly.
    * Voting in the event of a tie vote.

The Vice- President  

    * Acting for the President if the latter dies, resigns, is suspended, or is unable to act as president.
    * Assisting the Secretary in handling the correspondence.
    * Assisting the Communications delegate in setting up an effective communications system in the Local.
    * Giving information to members when meeting them in the workplace.
    * Assisting the Grievance Coordinator, if necessary.
    * Attending to training.
    * Carrying out any other duties that may be conferred on him/her by the executive.

The Secretary  

    * Preparing the minutes of the Local’s meetings.
    * Handling all correspondence for which he/she is responsible.
    * Drafting letters and documents at the request of the executive.
    * Setting up a functional filing system for correspondence.
    * Keeping the membership list up-to-date and having the membership form signed by new members.
    * Keeping the books, papers, effects and documents of the Local, and making sure they are up-to-date.
    * Carrying out any other duties that may be conferred on him/her by the executive.
    * Planning office supply purchases such as stationary and office equipment, in accordance with the budgets.
    * Keeping up-to-date inventory of the Local’s assets.

The Treasurer  

    * Preparing the annual budget, having it audited by the Regional Treasurer, and presenting a financial report to the executive and to the members at the Local annual meeting.
    * Making all payments by cheque.
    * If the Local so authorizes, keeping the petty cash up-to-date, which may not exceed $200.00.
    * Keeping the ledger books for the Local up-to-date.
    * Presenting a financial report to the executive at all monthly meetings.
    * Within seven days of receiving a written request by a member, the treasurer must open the ledger books and all financial files in the member’s presence, to let the member become acquainted with the Local’s financial status.
    * After verifying with the President, checking and approving payments and expense claims.
    * Keeping copies of financial documents, in accordance with the law.

The Grievance Coordinator

    * Responsibility for the file on complaints and grievances.
    * Responsibility for grievance and complaint hearings at the Local level.
    * Keeping the jurisprudence up-to-date and setting up a documentation centre on the various labour laws and issues related to adjudication. This shall be incorporated into the regional and national files.
    * Responsibility for cases involving industrial accidents, occupational diseases, and appeals for the Local.
    * Sitting on the Regional Grievance Committee.
    * Informing the Local’s executive about the latest developments in grievances and complaints, at the monthly meetings.

Health and Safety Delegate

    * Responsible for occupational health and safety.

The Shop Stewards 

    * Advising members and directing them toward the appropriate resources.
    * Participating in all executive meetings.
    * Reporting members’ concerns to the executive.
    * Researching various documents as requested by the executive.
    * Carrying out any duties that may be conferred by the executive.
    * Staying abreast of union affairs.
    * Representing members at Local grievance hearings.

Status of Woman delegate

    * Responsible for representing women by promoting their specific interests.

Communications delegate

    * The duty of the communications delegate is receiving and forwarding all documents.

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