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Employer Comes to the Table with Incomplete Proposal
2014 July 05
First info-nego of the 2014 round of bargaining.

On July 3rd UCCO-SACC-CSN met with Treasury Board to begin yet another round of bargaining. Both parties exchanged demands but the Treasury Board’s demands were incomplete. Treasury Board’s demands include what the employer spokesperson labelled “place holders”. These include the following issues:

– Sick Leave
– Allowances
– Appendices B to K
– Overtime compensation
Mobilization training sessions
2014 June 21
Over 130 local executive members (presidents, mobilization and communication officers) are back from a two-day mobilization training sessions that occured in Montreal and Kingston.
National Labour‐Management Meeting
2014 June 20
June 6th 2014

Opening Comments

National President Kevin Grabowsky expressed condolences from the union for the three fallen RCMP officers and families in Moncton, New Brunswick. He also mentioned the importance of Canadians who fought 70 years ago in Juno beach as part of the Allied advancement in World War II.
Regimental funeral for three slain RCMP officers in Moncton
2014 June 14
Help show support for the families of the fallen RCMP in Moncton
2014 June 11
Donations are been collected by the officers of the Atlantic region until July 7

Make out the cheques to “Atlantic region” and mail them to

c/o Dennis Leblanc
238 St, George Street
Moncton, NB
E1C 1W1

Once collected Atlantic region union representatives will make one donation on behalf of all Correctional Officers from across the country.
Public Service Awareness week - June 15-21, 2014
2014 June 09
UCCO-SACC-CSN will boycott the Public Service Awareness week in June. Given the Harper government’s unprecedented attacks on public servants – including more than 7,000 correctional officers – we cannot participate in an exercise that holds no meaning for the people it is intended to celebrate.
Sincere condolences
2014 June 05
On behalf of the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers representing 7500 peace officers we wish to express our sincere condolences to all the members of the RCMP, their fallen colleagues in Moncton and families

National Executive
Auditor General’s findings on prison system confirms warnings by federal correctional officers
2014 May 07
Press release

Montreal, May 7, 2014 — In his spring report tabled yesterday, the Auditor General of Canada warned that inmate population growth will outstrip the current expansion program in Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) institutions within five years, plunging the system into another cycle of overcrowding and violence.
Late Payments: Who is Responsible?
2014 May 02
The national executive met with the employer May 1 during a National Labour Management meeting, and brought forward, once again, concerns over payments due for members of the Prairie, Pacific, and Ontario regions.

CSC continues to dodge responsibility for late payments and for several outstanding issues over all supplementary payments. It is obvious that there are people that are not doing their jobs. Someone is responsible!
2014 April 23
This survey is your voice at the table!

FROM APRIL 22 TO MAY 6, take the time to strengthen our negotiation arguments by participating in our online survey
2014 April 14
In 2003, UCCO-SACC-CSN published a ground-breaking study on the impact of working conditions on the health, security and general well-being of correctional officers. The study, completed by the CSN Labour Relations Service, was a crucial tool during the union’s first round of negotiations.


Get ready for a new survey on working conditions being conducted April 22 to May 6. The results of this study will help your negotiating committee during the bargaining to come later this year.
National Labour-Management Meeting
2014 April 09
April 3, 2014

Deficit Reduction Action Plan = Lack of Consultation with Canada’s 7,400 front Line Correctional Officers
2014 April 01
After seven years, Treasury Board changes its sick leave interpretation

Today we show our appreciation for what we can only surmise is an April fools joke being played by CSC and the Treasury Board of Canada in their interpretation of our sick leave provisions.
Parole Board of Canada must have adequate resources to govern temporary inmate absences
2014 March 28
Press release

Montreal, March 28, 2014 — Federal correctional officers expressed support yesterday for Bill C-483, which would amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act to transfer authority for temporary absences for inmates convicted of first- and second-degree murder from penitentiary wardens to the Parole Board of Canada.
Grande Cache puts local MP on notice
2014 March 27
More than 50 members of the Grande Cache local attended a town hall meeting hosted by local Conservative MP Rob Merrifield in his Yellowhead riding March 11 to ask several pointed questions about the Harper government’s attacks on the working men and women of UCCO-SACC-CSN.
Tentative agreement reached on health coverage
2014 March 26
Federal public service union members of the National Joint Council (NJC), including UCCO-SACC-CSN, have reached a tentative agreement with Treasury Board on changes to the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP). The agreement includes coverage improvements, but higher premiums, particularly for retired public servants.

New benefits coming into effect October 1 include lifetime coverage up to $1000 for laser eye surgery, an annual maximum of $300 for sleep apnea machine repairs and an increase up $2000 per year to the psychological services.

As well, deductibles for all active and retired PSHCP members will be eliminated as of January 1, 2015.

However, Treasury Board insisted under threat of legislation to move to a 50-50 share of PSHCP premiums for current and future pensioners, to be phased in over four years beginning April 1, 2015. Low-income retirees who are eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement will continue to pay a 25% share.

Finally, the NJC obtained a written commitment that the employer will not bring coverage reductions to the table during ongoing PSHCP negotiations before March 2019.

Members can expect Treasury Board President Tony Clement to trumpet the agreement as a successful effort to protect taxpayers, but once again his efforts come at the expense of those who actually serve and protect Canadians.
TB files notice to Bargain
2014 March 21
March 2014
Despite their evident lack of preparation to do so, the employer filed notice February 17 to begin bargaining for our next collective agreement.

Never before has the employer been the first to file this notice. Meanwhile, despite having several months to do, the employer has still not settled all pay issues related to the agreement we signed just last November.
Harper’s budget hides another attack on public servants
2014 February 18
In typical fashion, the Harper government has buried another ambush on public servants in the federal budget, tabled in the House of Commons February 11.

This time, however, Harper is attacking current and future retirees by reducing the government’s contribution toward the Public Service Health Care benefit from 75% to 50%. This means that retirees on fixed budgets will see their costs more than double. On average it will increase a pensioner’s share of these costs from $261 a year to $550.

This move is in keeping with the mean-spirited style of the Harper government to attack those who are most vulnerable and who have contributed their lives to public service.
National Labour-Management Meeting
2014 February 14
February 6, 2014

As the Harper government continues its attack on public servants on many fronts, the ripple effect of budget restrictions is having widespread impacts on correctional officers.
Ring for Correctional Officers
2014 February 12
The ring was designed and created with the mindset that CX and their duties are unique from other departments within the service.


A rush to judgment

A report on the death in custody of Ashley Smith, an inmate at Grand Valley Institution for Women.

October 2008

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