UCCO-SACC-SACC continues its education of the political parties on the working conditions of correctional officers in Canadian penitentiaries.

During the Conservative Party convention at the Ottawa Convention Centre last June 10, more than 300 delegates, senators, MPs and cabinet ministers visited our hospitality room in the neighbouring Westin Hotel.

The union’s publicity truck made the rounds of downtown Ottawa near Parliament and the convention centre all day.

Doppelgangers: Pierre Mallette and Quebecdelegate Marc Boudreau.
Pierre Mallette with Stockwell Day, formerPublic Safety Minister and Treasury Board President, now retired from activepolitics.

Delegate John Woolsey was happy to get a “Get out of jailfree” card from Millhaven institution CO Chris Bucholtz.

Namesakes: Saskatchewan Conservative MP RobClarke with
Prairie regional vice-president Rob Clarke.
Quebec regional vice-president Luc Charronexplains how inmates operate a toilet still to Environment Minister Peter Kent.
Defence Minister spent a long time chatting with
UCCO-SACC-CSN representatives.
Millhaven Institution CO Bernie Jones invites adelegate to our hospitality room in the neighbouring Westin Hotel.
Pacific Region President Gord Robertson
talkingabout our working conditions.

Conservative MP John Carmichael, from the Torontoriding of Don Valley West, with Pierre Mallette.
Nova Institution local president Olivia Tyneswith Treasury Board President Tony Clement outside the Ottawa Convention Centre.
Conservative Senator Mike Duffy with BathInstitution dog handler Darren Gough.
Ontario regional vice-president Rob Finucan andAtlantic secretary-treasury Pierre Leblanc with delegates.

Conservative House Leader (and former PublicSafety Minister) 
Peter Van Loan gets a whiff of homemade brew.
Atlantic Region President Doug White with
PierreLeblanc and Olivia Tynes.
Atlantic Regional Vice-President Robert Leblanc 
in lobby mode with a delegate.